Saturday, January 14, 2006

What we did on our holidaze

We had a great holiday but as time goes on I am beginning to forget what we did, what was said, where we went and why! Old age I guess. Still, while I have some details still fresh in my addled memory banks I will share what I can with you.

There were times during the holiday when that well known phrase from Withnail and I came true, ‘We’ve come on holiday by mistake”. We were dropped off by our gracious host in the dark on the evening of our arrival and left to fend for ourselves not knowing where we were or what was around us. It seemed that we were in the middle of nowhere with the town some way off in the distance. Weary with travel, I bathed the two little ones while Paul and Jazz strolled down to a supermarket that we passed to pick up some supplies for supper. They returned with the ingredients for spaghetti and meatballs and I started to prepare the meal. We tried to fry the onions for the best part of an hour before we gave up deciding that the cooker obvously didn’t work and I found a sandwich toaster at the back of a cupboard and we had toasted cheese and onions sandwiches instead! The next day Hayden told us that the cooker controls were back-to-front :-/

The next day we found our feet and strolled into town, which was not that far away, but decided that hiring a car was a good option for avoiding moaning children with sore feet and also to explore the island further. The weather was great but not good enough to just laze on the beach all day. There were enough shops to keep Jazz and I happy including an internet cafe where she could catch up with her friends on MSN. We found a great beach at the end of town with a harbour so that we could watch the ferries come and go while sitting at a great restaurant eating and drinking (we did lots of that). Alfie was happy with his patch of sand and the friends he made and he even tried a spot of fishing with Paul but caught nothing.

New Years Eve was fun. We dressed up and went into town to try and find something to eat. Every restaurant was packed full and Alfie was already fading fast as it was past his bedtime. We found a place right on the beach and while the food wasn’t great the location was tops. Hayden and his girlfriend Claire met up with us and we had a few drinks. We had goodie bags given to us with hats, masks and gifts in. Paul was a clown and Alfie, who had crashed out by now, was one too, although he didn't know, hehehehe. We toasted the New Year with Cava and watched the firework display which was right in front of us, we had front of house seats. Then we decided to go back to the apartment as Paul had kindly decided to be the sober driving one (incredibly!). As we walked back through the town I started to feel quite drunk and silly. I had only had 2 gin and tonics and a glass of Cava but felt very light headed. on the way back to the car we saw a young man who had been looking at Jasmine for the past few days. He would scuttle past, looking under his floppy hair furtively at her and always looked back as he passed her. He was a cute surfer type who looked like her exboyfriend, Bish, so we nicknamed him ‘Holiday Bish’. We saw H B pass us as we walked back to the car. He clocked Jazz, crossed the road and started to walk in the same direction as us. I saw him and said to Jazz, go and give him a kiss. Go and say Happy New Year, give him a kiss and run back. She was horrified at this suggestion but I kept telling her to have some fun, you only live once, all that sort of thing. My poor daughter was mortified!

Once we got home I could hear that several of our neighbours had parties going on. I decided to go outside and see if any of them looked like they might be worth gatecrashing but they all looked pretty boring. I was near the pool so I dipped my toe in. It felt quite nice, quite warm actually. I could just get in there I thought. I went back to the apartment to ask if anyone was up for skinny dipping but they all looked at me as if I was mad. ‘Well I’m going’ I said, wrapping myself in a towel. Jazz was even more mortified now, her mother had truly lost it and was soooooo embarrassing, she was cringing in the apartment. I went out draped in my towel, slipped quietly into the pool and swam. No one heard me, no one saw me, it was purely for me and it was lovely. Actually when I say no one saw me that wasn’t exactly true. Paul had crept down with a camera and as it’s quite decent I will share the evidence with you. Those of you with a delicate disposition or who are easily shocked, look away now!

My friends who know me well know that if I am in a warm climate with enough alcohol inside me I am prone to skinny dipping! Well, you only live once girls! I did feel horribly drunk though and after getting dressed I felt dizzy and spinny and couldn’t settle outside or in so went to bed. The next day both Jazz and Paul said how puzzled they were that I was sooo drunk as I had only had a few drinks. So not only did I come on holiday by mistake, I also got drunk by mistake. Ho hum!

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Calamity Tat said...

I love that sleeping Clown, great pic Don :-) I remember our little skinny dip hehehehe
I hope we can have lots of drunken behaviour in Feb :-) I am sooooo excited to be soming to your place...

Alicat said... i cant believe you put up a pic of yourself skinny dipping!!!!

hahah, just kidding. I think its so cool! you are a free woman! ;) Go donna!

I loved seeing the bebe after this long brake! She is so adorable..just can't get enough of that little face. :o)

PG said...

Welcome back to normality after what looks like a great holiday! :)

hippo_pepperpot said...

that is a great pic... he he he

euro-trac said...

Yes it is a great pic! I meant to say something about it before, but I was too busy talking about Elvis and Priscilla!!
As for the Shambles.. I did consider it, and as you know it's my album of the year, but I wasn't sure if it had made it to the next stage up in my affection? Afterall, it's quite new to me and I have lived without it for years.. It'll probably make it on my next drunken list though! :-)
You really don't look ald enough to have a daughter of that age.. and your mother certainly doesn't look old enough to have a grand daughter of that age!
Great clowns - both of your lads!

Max said...

Cor! I wish I was there with my snorkel.

euro-trac said...

Oooh la la Max!

Donna said...

Max you saucy boy! hahaha ;-)

euro-trac said...

Haha! Maybe you should use your swimming pool pic as your profile pic!
As for my pic!? Yeah, I might give it ago! Not sure ..? x

euro-trac said...

OK... here goes! I'm trying it out on you! :-)
Mmmmm... you can't really tell what it is at that size, but it's quite colourful!
I must admit that I quite like the fact I have an Elvis Shirt, a fluffy bag and a camera in my hand!
Sums me up quite well! :-)

hippo_pepperpot said...

When I saw lil lil at school today she was much better. It is hard on all of us, including Rollie. He is going to start looking for something here in Bristol in March. He isn't supposed to be working out of town like he is...not after his last promotion anyway. It is worse than ever now and getting silly. I just miss him so much....especially in the winter time.

Calamity Tat said...

Hahahaha just saw what Max did, hahaha