Thursday, October 12, 2006

John Peel Day, Keeping it Peel!

Happy John Peel Day. Remember to play your music loud and spare a thought for the man who brought us such great music. I still miss him.

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grumpy old woman said...

Ah, yes indeed (wipes tear from eye). A lovely, lovely man - wish he was still here with us. I miss him too
- but isn't it John Peel Day tomorrow?

I'm getting muddled up with dates (see my blog) - senility setting in I guess.

He died on the 26th October 2004. So why have you got the 12th on your calender and I've got the 13th?

Help :o{

euro-trac said...

Great Rock'n'Roll minds think alike! hahaha...

Yes, it's today - the 12th!

Hey! What's with the comments moderation? :O(

grumpy old woman said...

OK, looking on Google some people have the date as the 12th and some as the 13th, so I don't feel quite so stupid.
I've changed my calender entry to read the 12th from now on.

gena said...

Oh yes indeed, there will never be another, I still cant believe he is gone,too soon, too soon.

Apron Thrift Girl said...

This is Apron Thirft Girl's DH... John Peel was with me too.. from 10 to midnight listening in to all my music. His show is what we talked about the next day at school.. MY biggest memories are listening to him play Siouxsie and the Banshees first LP through all the way... twice.. and also the evening after the Heisel Stadium disaster when he couldnt speak but started his show with You'll never walk alone.. I read his biography and he was an even more stunning man than I knew when he was alive.. keep the faith and rock on