Monday, October 16, 2006

Thrifty finds Tuesday

This week's bootsale was great. Very small and I went on my own with the two little ones so I didn't hold out much hope. I got home, cooked dinner and put the children to bed and then unpacked my purchases. I was surprised at how many lovely things I got. Here are some of the highlights:

Firstly, this lovely retro fabric, that is so Amy Butler, who, incidently, has been buying vintage fabrics from me for years!

This gorgeous 1950's musical jewellery box. This is so me, I mean look, it has roses and polka dots!

A vintage egg cup in the shape of an ocean liner. HMS Egg!!! I'm not sure whether to put this in the kitchen or the bathroom.

Some vintage tins. The tweed in the background was also a purchase but has now been turned into a shoulder bag and will feature on my crafty blog soon.

Some vintage books, all for £1.00!!!! Just look at Robin Hood, what a hunk in tights! Speaking of which has anyone seen the new Robin Hood yet? I haven't seen it on account of me having a social life (at last) for the past few Saturdays!!!

And finally this little fellow. Just look at his face, who could possibly resist him, with a 50p sticker on his head, Oh that'll be just me then!

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Anonymous said...

That little dog reminds me of someone! Can't think who at the moment - someone from telly I reckon! :O)
Or politics?
Have I just done this comment twice?

Kristy said...

Oh you lucky girl!

grumpy old woman said...

Fabulous finds Dons - but where's the retro wallpaper you bought? I guess I'll have to come round and see it ....

Anonymous said...

Lovely stuff - especially the books abd those fab tins. Lucky you.

PG said...

The music box, the music box, how do you do it? Do you have special James Bond-ish type of gadgets, that seek out the most adorable things? The dot-spotter benig the most useful of course!

gena said...

Oh great finds! I love the books, and i agree Robin Hood looks like a good old swashbuckler!I did not see the new Robin Hood, however my Mother did but said "he is not a patch on Errol Flynn"!!! Your little dog looks a bit like those made by sylvac in the 1930s, very cute!

Calamity Tat said...

Love the music box and the books of course, love it all and can't believe all I find here is pants, well not pants because that would be daft but you know...

ramblingwoman said...

Well I love those tins. I really really love those tins. And that cute dog..let's think...who does Trac think it is..I know what she means though. It'll come to me.

Anonymous said...

Love your new (old) jewelery box Donna- it's perfect.
The dog is so cute too- I agree with Gena, looks like one of those 1930's scottie dogs.
Such wonderful treasures to be found at car boot sales- love em!

studio7 said...

How wonderful that AMY buys from you. She's such a nice gal. I love that fabric by the way and your thrifty finds.. I'm going thrift shopping on Thursday. :I

lettuce said...

oh yes, love the books.
and the tins.
and the fabric

I've given up on our boot fair, its crap in the winter, and staying in bed is so lovely when secondary school gets us up so early Mon-Fri!

We've seen the new Robin Hood. On account of having no social life. I know lots of people are dissing it, but we are quite enjoying it!

Pod said...

i used to love my nans jewellry box like that. the sound and the fact that the ballerina flipped up really quickly. what finds!