Saturday, December 03, 2005

Busy weekend

It has been a busy one. Firstly I have finished two bags that I have been making. Saff and Maggs if you are reading this, look away now.

I said NOW!!!

Then I made some chocolate truffles for the annual Christmas LETS Fair that is held tomorrow. LETS is about trading talents rather than money and I have been a member ever since I moved to Devon 6 years ago. I love the Xmas fair where everyone makes beautiful little things and we all bring something for a shared lunch and no money changes hands. I wish I could do all of my Christmas shopping like this. I usually sew or last year I made corsages crocheted from angora, alpaca and silk. They are everywhere this year proving that once again I am ahead of fashion, hehehe. As I have very little time now since producing child number 3, I decided to make truffles and Christmas cards. The truffles are delicious, there will be no weight loss this week!

Then I had to make an invitation to our Christmas drinks party. I decided to use my youngest as a model and took some photos of her in an angel costume. Well that's the beauty of having a baby, you can dress them up. Some people have those cute little dogs in bags, I have Lizzy.

I must go and get ready, we have been invited out for dinner, homemade curry, and I need to get changed but once again I am sat here blogging. It's addictive. Pin It


euro-trac said...

OMG!!! That bottom picture is just beautiful... little Angel!!xx
Yeah... lots of people love Madge but it's just not for me... but she is such a star, that even people like me feel compelled to watch that docu! Glad I missed the Lennon stuff though... :-)
I think Madonna looks great and much younger when she has scruffy hair and no make-up... but then I would say that!? :-) xx

euro-trac said...

Eeeeek! I hate the way my smiley face in that last comment has been split... That sort of thing drives me mad!? :-)
All along, all I've really meant to say was ..
'lovely bags!!!' x

Léons Life said...

I just love your bags, I wish I was half as talented ! Do you sell them on e.bay or anywhere else ?

Calamity Tat said...

You Angel and Bags are too beautiful. I am glad you're happy with results, difficult to find the time with little ones huh?

PG said...

What a spendidly productive weekend! That's what Christmas should be like - nice hand made things and lots of chocolate! And sweet baby angels of course!

Onyx said...

Awwwww, she's adorable!!!!! Hope you had fun. Homemade curry sounds delicious.

euro-trac said...

Did you get your EHIC's or whatever they're called sorted out? x

euro-trac said...

Yeah forms.. awful! Nick has just this second told me that he has a very important form, where all the letters have to be inside boxes, written very neatly and has to go by special delivery tomorrow, to impress a judge as he (Nick not the judge)is sueing someone and can I do it??? "'cause my writing is so neat and wonderful" and all that rubbish! - Admittedly.. it is better than his!? :-) Trouble is he's going away tomorrow and won't be around to check it before it goes.. OMG! - I can't even spell responsibility... (or can I? - looks wrong to me!) Well.. even if I can spell it, acting is it another matter!!? :-)

tlc illustration said...

Darling angel-baby. Loved the bags. I carry this great big bag-purse (you NEED something that size! What else can handle your wallet, coupon folder, toiletries, sketchbook and waterbottle easily?) - and am mocked mercilessly for it. I am not giving it up, however!