Monday, December 12, 2005

Christmas trees and parties

We got our tree yesterday. Paul came home with one on Saturday night and tapped on the window saying 'here's your tree, I'll be back in an hour'. When I went out to see it I couldn't believe how tiny it was. It said 6ft on it but that was 3ft of tree with 3ft of top shoot. It was a teeny tree, beautifully formed but teeny, plus it had cost £30 because it doesn't shed its needles. When he got home he couldn't see that it was a small tree (in fact I think he could but was too proud to admit it) and we ended up having a row. I said that we wouldn't be able to get even one quarter of our decorations on it and for the size of living room we have it just looked pathetic. Eventually, and in a huff, he said he would take it back the next day (as he had bought it from where he works) but that I would have to choose another one. So I ended up choosing a beautiful 10 footer that sheds its needles and only cost £20. I think he agrees that it is a far better tree for this size of house but again he won't admit it! So we decorated it last night while the beef was roasting. The children enjoyed digging out the decorations and rediscovering some old friends. Most of the decorations are handmade, some by me, some by friends and family and some from various craft fairs, and I love them. The theme is predominantly red and white with a lot of polka dots which suits this house and the countryside we live in. I especially love our little polka dot fairy who presides over us at the top of the tree. Lizzy was asleep while we were decorating and when she woke up we showed her. She stared at it in serious silence for ages before raising her right hand to it. This is what she does to say 'hi' to people, so she was saying 'hi' to the tree!

We have sent out the invites, bought the drinks and food so we are set for our party on Friday night. This will be the officail opening of our bar. Paul got his own way (doesn't he always, that is why I have baby number 3!) and we have a lovely bar in our newly decorated living room. Paul is just waiting for some optics and bar stools and bob's yer uncle. Pop round if your in the vicinity, you'll be sure of a warm welcome at the Lendon Arms.

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Calamity Tat said...

Donna I have to say I am quite flabergasted that you've allowed him to put up a bar in the living room! What can I say, speechless really..... Oh good luck that's the words I find :-) and look it's got peanuts too, not long until the whole house turns into ye ol grible and you'll be pulling pints in your slippers.......Um not sure about that bar....

Donna said...

The bar is fun. I wasn't keen on the idea, nor was Jazz, but now it's there we love it. It's a great room.

euro-trac said...

LOVE IT! But can we have a pic with the neon cocktail sign on next time?? :-)
Nick will NEVER admit to being wrong about anything.. actually, he's not often wrong but...when he is, he isn't!? (if that makes any sense!)
Your Paul - not a taurus is he?
Ren will be alright, he'll recover quicker than me... :-(
Don't forget to put a little Elvis somewhere on your tree!! ;-) xx

Onyx said...

yes, that's a big bar in a medium sized living room. Although, i must admit I'm jealous!!

Donna said...

It's an enormous living room, the photos don't show that. It is our second lounge and as the first one is twice the size I think we can spare the room :-)

PG said...

I like the fairy best...:)