Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Fluffy Tails

With many thanks to Saff, my lovely sister and fellow cat lover who sent me this great link. Here for all you cat lovers out there (Onyx, Hippo et al) is a little something. Fluffy Tails Christmas Pin It


Onyx said...

That's adorable!! What a great concept!!

Alicat said...

donna - i just woke up and as soon as i checked your site i vaguely remember having a dream about you! Isn't that funny?? Who knows what it was about...all I now is that you were there! :D lol

euro-trac said...

..and I was cooking dinner when I suddenly thought about you! Well your bar anyway! I suddenly thought of your peanuts hanging up in your bar and that when I was about 17/18 years old, those peanuts would have a picture of a hot chick in a bikini behind all of the peanuts, and more of her would be revealed as more nuts were sold! - Do you remember that? x

lorna said...

That's an hilarious site! The before and after picture is the best- reminds me why I don't have a cat in our one bedroom flat even though I REALLY want one. (enough paintings have been ruined by paws dancing across the paper and knocking over water jars).

euro-trac said...

Oh... Yes, I of course noticed the peanuts, but I didn't know that they still did bikini lady packaging!
As for popping up next year! We were only saying yesterday that it was a shame that your party was on Friday.. had it had been Saturday, we may well have been tempted!! :-)
My fave holiday, since having the kids was Westward Ho!Yeah, I might be a hot, sunny euro kind of girl, but UK holidays are great for kids.. and no airplanes to deal with too! I reckon we'll see you there next year for sure! :-)
Now... you need to find a 'real ale' pump thingy, probably with a fox hunting scene on it!? xx

euro-trac said...

How's your hangover today?? - Good Party?? x

hippo_pepperpot said...

I'm okay... Rollie and I are okay. He is a good guy. Anyway... I decided to not worry about it... or shut myself off from it... bad vibes and stuff make me not such a nice mum that I usually am. Rollie's job in Cambridge is done in Feb... so after that I won't have to think about that stupid woman anymore. She does it to a lot of men up there...she runs the b and b. Don't worry.... she is just a tramp....a slick one however.. heh.