Tuesday, March 06, 2007


This week has been a busy week. Once half term was over, and life started to get back to some semblance of normality, I got my head down and my thoughts turned to business. I have had some lovely new cards made up for the website business. Thanks to Sarah, and her beautiful artwork, they are just lovely and I am thrilled with the end result.

I have been filling the shop with spring-inspired fabrics (more about that here), discussing changes to my website with my designer, opening an ebay shop, sourcing fabrics, parcelling up and sending fabrics to all corners of the world and meeting with my bookkeeper. It's all very grown-up and business like I can tell you.

The website is going very well and to all of you who have supported me and made a purchase a very big THANK YOU. You make it all worthwhile. Pin It


Kristy said...

You really have been busy!I hope you business does so well for you.Your house looks so beautiful too xxx

grumpy old woman said...

I love the new cards Dons.

Thanx for your support with your darling daughter this evening - I'm off to bed now, night night


ramblingwoman said...

Wow, it does sound very grown up Dons. It must be so lovely to have made your passion into your career!

The cards are lovely.

lettuce said...

You are very grown up and business-like, I'm well impressed.

If you're tweaking your website, just a quick comment - I was a bit surprised to find haberdashery under Vintage Home - I guess I'd have expected to find that in vintage sewing and looked at Vintage Home wondering if you had other household/kitchen stuff.

Could be just me though!

It looks fabulous though, you should be really proud of yourself.

Donna said...

Lettuce apparently I have a problem with my links from one page to another. The vintage sewing is coming up under vintage home and vintage home under kids etc. My website developer has been informed and he should be fixing that as it is most annoying! If you refresh your page it should fix it.

muddy red shoes said...

ooh Dons, they look great, lots of good wishes for vintage successesses xxx

Angel Jem said...

The cards look so lovely!

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Donna - Love the cards, and all the fabric in your shop of course. Just wondered if you have any 1950s kitchen fabric that would be good as a backdrop for the Toni Raymond goodies I hope to take to Shepton on 23 March? I thought I still had some, but seemingly not.

Will you be going to the Ilchester Textile Fair on 28 March? I'm hoping to visit.