Sunday, March 04, 2007

Loony Lunar

We went out for a lovely meal last night to celebrate my Father's birthday. We visited a little thatched pub in the centre of a pretty, mostly thatched, village. The food was lovely, fresh and very tasty. We sat by the log fire and enjoyed a proper country pub meal. The landlord came over and told us that he would let us know when the lunar eclipse was taking place so that we could all go outside and see it. It was a beautiful clear night with the fullest of full moons so it promised to be quite a sight. And it was. I took photos of it and as I was doing so Paul said they would be the most boring photos ever, just a black square with a white dot in the middle! So I apologise if they are boring but, hey, look, it's a lunar eclipse everyone. I spared you the full eclipse as I thought a photo of a totally black sky would have been a bit much!

I wonder if the moon has anything to do with why I have felt so mad these last few days? and if it had anything to do with why my car wouldn't start this morning. After dropping Jazz off at her bus stop I stopped for the Sunday papers at our local shop. Nothing, click, nothing. I had to walk up the lane, in the rain, as I had no phone on me, get home, call Green Flag, walk back down the lane, in the rain, to wait up to an hour for the said Green Flag man to arrive, wonder if car might now start, turn key and..................................... yes, you've guessed. Loony old Lunar!

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ramblingwoman said...

Hi Dons, I stood in a carpark last night with a friend freezing but enjoying the lunar eclipse. It was a sight wasn't it?

lettuce said...

Oh thanks Donna, I'm glad you posted the pictures (NOT boring) - I didn't think to take any. It was cool, wasn't it?

Tracy said...

I have been stranger than normal over the last week and i have told everyone its the moon - so it must be true!!!
Love the pictures.
Tracy x

Wendz said...

Very sexy moon, Dons...;)

I didn't even know there was an SAD is that!

grumpy old woman said...

Damn, I missed it too :o{

I love the pics Dons - thanx for sharing ...........