Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Day 1

The ceiling is down. It was a great surprise to everyone that the ceiling was lathe and plaster as the cracks in the ceiling were in straight lines and had a very smooth finish so we all assumed that it was plaster board. Ah well at least we have enough kindling to keep up going for many winters to come! The builders are so tidy and methodical and most of the work so far has been done by a Polish man called Vortek who is very very tall and smiley. I hope he is still smiling by the end of today after he has removed several thousand nails from the beams!

The fireplace is very dominant in the room and it is not an original feature. It was put in by the last occupants who proudly showed me their scrapbook detailing the building of it step-by-step. All I could think was 'I wish you hadn't'. The pointing and workmanship is very bad when you get up close so, believe me, it will look far better covered up.

Great news though. After stripping the walls of the anaglypta we found a lovely pale dusky pink underneath. It looks great. I showed Paul and said that we should paint the room the same colour once it is finished and he has agreed, hurrah!
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MelMel said...

Oh my goodness!!

I would not have the guts for it.....Still i bet you have the final room in your mind and can see your way forward!

Will look smashing when its done!xxx

Gingham and Flowers said...

Ok, so I'll take back what I said yesterday about the fireplace. If it's not original then it definitely should go. Looks like a lot of progress was made yesterday. It's going to look amazing when it's done.

Sal said...

Oh my goodness!!
We've just done a makeover on our lounge but nowhere near as big as yours!! You are very brave doing it just before Christmas!
I'm sure it will look fantastic, come the end! ;-)

Redwoodhouse said...

Ohhh my word...

now this is what I call a makeover.

Flossie and Tom said...

That brings back memories - we removed all the damp plaster from our lounge a couple of years ago.

I know this might be disgusting (so look away now if you are easily offended) but I had red snot for three weeks !!!


Josie-Mary said...


PG said... brave soul! Though I love the idea of going back to the roots of an old room.

Greedy Nan said...

Oh gosh Donna. I think I'd be on the verge of leaving home. It's looking really scary. But you can do it ... Looking forward to the next episode.

BusyLizzie said...

Yep, that is a big turn in the Spring when we have all the rotten windows replaced... arghghghghghg.
Lizzie x

Pipany said...

Hello Donna. Love the progress pictures. Normally we only see the befores and afters, so this is great. Hope you are keeping sane in the midst of it all xx

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Donna - well, you said that you where having a spot of decorating done....I was not expecting major excavations!! Wow - hope you're not feeling too stressed - little Lizzie looks to be supervisiing well! ;-))

Love the idea for the pink walls.
Good luck,
Niki x

Gigibird said...

Get rid of the fireplace!! It's not too late!!