Tuesday, December 02, 2008


No not Christmas decorations. This time last year we were all decorated ready for Christmas because we did the shoot for 25 Beautiful Homes. The photos above are from the shoot and are the ones they didn't use.

This year is a different story. We have stripped the living room completely ready for it to be redecorated before Christmas! Madness, I know, and not my idea or choice but I'm not in charge. I am told that it is good to have a deadline and that as Christmas is immovable the decorating will just
have to be done. It had better had be I can tell you!

It is not just a matter of stripping the walls and repainting, oh no. Before it gets repainted, the wonderful anaglypta wallpaper is to be stripped, the concrete skirting boards are to be replaced with wooden ones, the picture rails are to be replaced, the monstrous stone fireplace is to be covered up and painted, radiators have to be replaced and moved to different locations, also the ceiling is to come down so that we can check the beams. Our beautiful and very heavy bath is directly above one of our sofas in the middle of the room and there are some ominous cracks spreading from that area. I lie awake at night sometimes worrying that the bath will come through the ceiling and squash one of my children. I am so glad that it is being done but the timing could have been better. I intend to take a daily photograph to show you and to remind myself of the progress. Here's the first few.

The room is right in the middle of the house and all rooms come off of it so we will have to go round the back and in different doors to get to the other end of the house or upstairs, what fun. Anyway, come back soon and watch this space.

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Gingham and Flowers said...

Crikey, that's quite a task to get done in three weeks. Good luck. I have to say, I actually quite like your fireplace. I think if the stone was painted white it would look so different. Just a thought.

Katy said...

blimey - that's one hell of a job!

Josie said...

good luck, you'll do it! I once moved into a flat 10 days before christmas
Josie x

Flossie and Tom said...

Thanks for your support on my blog. I think you are so brave (or mad)decorating right now.

Our bedroom is half in progress but I have bottled it and decided to wait until after Xmas.

I am excited to see the photos as it progresses - I might do that with my bedroom ...


thriftymrs said...

Wow you're brave!

Carol said...

Snap, we are doing just the same...Christmas deadline to get up moving! I am splattered with paint at this very moment, I like painting I just hate the disruption and having to cook in between it all.
Have fun.
Carol x

Pipany said...

What is it about this time of year? I am up to my elbows in kids and orders, yet what am I desperate to do? Decorate the children's room of course! Not as large a project as yours though Donna. Must admit, I thought your fireplace looked lovely xx

Pixiedust said...

Blimey, all that in 3 weeks. Good luck with it all, I'm sure it will look beautiul. xxx

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Donna

Just think happy thoughts ... lots of them!!! It'll be fine ... and I'm sure those wonderful builders/decorators will have everything done in plenty of time.

I found some photos today of work we had done at our last cottage, which brought back memories of having to eat at the local pub (which was in fact a car journey away) every evening for a fortnight during December 03 - or was it longer ... I can't remember. A wall had to come down in the process though, with emergency acroprops having to be delivered. Several evenings the pub landlord gave me some ice to take home for a G&T!!!! Pauley had a lot of sleepless nights. I drank a lot of gin!!! But it was worth it in the end!!

Sue xx

Anonymous said...

yep, big job but what a gorgeous room, it will be so lovely!

Gem said...

My goodness you have your work cut out! Good luck with the decorating. There's a poster that I've seen on a few blogs with the words "Keep calm and carry on". Remember that and you'll be fine!!!

Redwoodhouse said...

what a lovely big space, how interesting for us to be able to see it coming together, we moved one year on Dec 15th and it is amazing what you can do with a dead line.

MelMel said...

Your a brave women.....i imagine it will look simply stunning when painted and put back togther.....i so enjoyed seeing your home in the mag.....beautiful!xx

Gigibird said...

Crikey your fire place is oppressive.

My husband and I are addicted to Escape to the Country but my heart always sinks when I see a lovely little cottage or whatever only to enter and find exposed bricks everywhere…. A lot of people like it………….

Looking forward to seeing work in progress.

The Devil Makes Work said...

Looking forward to the 'after' photos. I'm guessing this is what you wanted the linen for?


Anonymous said...

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Josie-Mary said...

Wow that's a big job.. Good luck!!!
Yes I work in habitat, please do say hello.... I'm working on friday so I'll be about somewhere. I can't see your email address on your blog to send you a voucher. I do have some in the shop so it'll be ok, if I'm on lunch when you come in just ask for a voucher & tell them Joe said it was ok. Hope we can meet :)