Thursday, December 04, 2008

Day 2

Ok, day 2. It looks as though nothing much has changed but they have removed 3 layers of paint and wallpaper, removed the nasty concrete skirting boards and picture rails and taken out thousands of nails from the beams that held all that lathe and plaster.

I have been to get paint samples in a subtle shade of pink. You can see the old wall colour here.

Today we are off to choose wall lights and a sideboard.

See you tomorrow!
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The White Bench said...

Oh Donna! What a terrible MESS!! Hope you are not too much traumatized by this! We had our home restored, a few years ago, and it was a complete nightmare!!

I was looking at those pics in the magazine, the other day, thinking how clever you had been to have all ready for Christmas right now!!...:(

Good luck,


Trac said...

Oooh, this is so exciting! :O)

Wish I had a tall and smiley builder called Vortek!

Willow said...

Ha, Trac's comment made me laugh!

It's great to see the work coming along - even though it might look like chaos, when you actually get down the the 'bare bones' of a room, the only way is up!! Good luck with day 3!
Willow x

Carol said...

Oh, dust, I hate the dust of decorating. It will be well worth it when finished, I am looking forward to seeing the finished room.
Have fun with the shopping for lights...that is the nice bit isn't it.
We are getting there with our decorating, second coat of paint going on now.
Carol xx

Greedy Nan said...

I'm with Carol re the dust. It seems to linger long after the work is all finished despite having covered everything so carefully in the beginning.
The other thing is if you need something that was in the room urgently and you just can't find it but nothing else will do...
My word veryfication today is 'blest' - aaaah!

Hen said...

How fun, getting to choose new things, I mean, not the mess. The pale pink should be lovely and it's good to see you're not being swayed by the season - apparently, if people decorate in the Winter, they're likely to decorate in red or warm colours, and much lighter colours if they're decorating in the Spring/Summer.
Hen x

Gigibird said...

Fired Earth paints have a number of very subtle pinks that you might just fall in love with.
I am thinking of Tea Room pink that I now think is called mallow (or the other way round) and Dutch pink which is has a little more yellow in it.

Anonymous said...

is paul talking with a polish accent yet? lol ;)

- saff xxxx

Sal said...

I reckon you need a very good sense of humour right now!!
You do seem so calm about it all!!
Look forward to tomorrow's pics!

Vintage to Victorian said...

Ooooh - shopping! Hope you find just the right pink and just the right sideboard! Good luck!

It looks to me as if the worst is over already!!!!

Sue xx

Josie-Mary said...

They seem to be working well... when we had building work done they went missing for over a week!!! See you later today :)