Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Come on baby light my fire

Brrrrrrr autumn arrived today. It was decidedly chilly this afternoon so tonight P lit our first fire since Spring. It's the first fire L has seen and she was so enthralled. We have had the plumbers in for the last 2 days putting in new radiators in the new lounge, hallway and music room. We're getting ready for winter, cosying up. I might even dig out my Ugg boots, crikey it seems only yesterday I was flipping and flopping in my Havaianas!

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Calamity Tat said...

Where's your new lounge hallway and music room? Better to light a fire than yourself I always say...Wish I was by that fire, need to win the lottery ;-)

wv....Queer mice seek your ikea catalouge

euro-trac said...

Hey.. where's my comment gone? I left one earlier - something about being jealous of your fire!
Good blog title!
(I've always liked Will Young!?) Hahahaha! :0) xx

wv viking boys like toffee

euro-trac said...

Oooh!! Whats with the wiggley stuff on the comment that you left me? Weird! xx
wv apples and doughnuts

euro-trac said...

Blimey.. smart kids you've got, writing in Arabic!! They really are good schools round your area! I wonder what happens if they don't do their Arabic homework then!? xx

wv ice gems

hippo_pepperpot said...

I lost the link to the shoe web site... still have it?

wv: zeb's bug fur

hippo_pepperpot said...



wv: four popes