Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ongoing projects

Here for Tats (and anyone else who may be interested) are the ongoing projects in our house. The first photos show the new lounge as it progresses. The second batch are the music room with the retro radiator we found in a reclamation yard. P has also rebuilt the stained glass windows from scratch. The final photos are from the hallway with a radiator now in place behind the cover. This will make such a difference to that room as up until now it has been a cold and sometimes damp place. Not good for keeping coats in, who wants to put on a cold musty smelling coat? Eeeeeuuuuuuuwww!

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euro-trac said...

and may I say that your husband looks particularly handsome in the pic below! Actually, I've no idea if you are married! If your surname was my maiden name I wouldn't get married, unless I could marry a Presley that is!!? HeHe!
wv my ex loves tea

euro-trac said...

Excellent surnames - both of you!
I'm a bit jealous... hehe!
You're right not to rush into things...;-)

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Onyx said...

Looks awesome!!! I love that color of paint. What color is it??

And I absolutely love the record collection!!! That is records right??

It must feel so good to get that stuff done. I can't wait to update my house. Or get into a new one!!!

wv: excellent jays kiss you