Monday, September 26, 2005

Too old?

Just in case you were wondering I am still here! I am alive and well but have been a bit ill lately with flu and have been so busy there hasn't been a moment to blog. When I did find a moment P had the electricity off to fit new sockets in our living room. I have been ebaying, both fabrics and maternity clothes, trying to finish an old quilt I started years ago, looking after the sproglets and entertaining my IL's. My MIL and I went to an exhibition yesterday in Exeter. It was a stitches and hobbies exhibition so lots of lovely fabrics and buttons were bought. I saw some gorgeous machine embroidery and excellent feltmaking, the best I have ever seen, along with far too many cardmaking stalls. It just fires me up with enthusiasm for creating but I just wish I had more time.

I went shopping with J in the week, she had a study day so we decided to study the art of Top Shop. I just love their fashion at the moment, it's so eighties. I picked up a pair of black leggings and was just teaming them up in my head with my black ra-ra skirt from Barcelona when J snatched it from my hands and thrust it back on the shelf. 'No mum' she said, 'you're too old'. Am I? Honestly though, am I? Pin It


Calamity Tat said...

Nah get yourself back to topshop and make that purchase, nice to read you again......

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euro-trac said...

Oh Good! You're back!
No.. you are not too old! Plus.. I always think that if my clothes can annoy my husband or kids, then that's just an added bonus!! (Actually both Nick and Ren don't really care, but Sid... he thinks I am the worlds worsed dressed Mum ever!? - and that makes me proud!)

Hehe! :-) xx
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hippo_pepperpot said...

I don't ever want to hear that.... I guess the only way to know if you are too old is to go and buy it... wear it and see how 'you' feel about it.

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