Friday, September 30, 2005

Rocket scientist

You can have some very strange and surreal conversations with 5 year old boys. Take for example the conversation I had this morning with my son.

Him: Can we get a space ship mum?
Me: No not really
Him: Oh please can we?
Me: You don't just 'get' a space ship
Him: We could make one
Me: I don't really know how
Him: We could buy one from the shop and you could read the constructions
Me: oh
Him: Please can we?
Him: Mum?
Him: Can we?

Now I am fully conversant with the constructions (his word and actually rather apt) for Power Rangers, Transformers and Bionicles but I think Nasa would have something to say about me building a space ship. Isn't it lovely though that he thinks that I could? Such faith.

I am fighting a losing battle with the solids. My 6 month old baby is just NOT interested. Sure she will humour me some days but mostly she just looks at me like I have just offered her poo on a plate. I have made the most delicious organic meals from scratch and still she turns up her little button nose. She isn't bothered, she will just wait until night time and then feed from me like there's no tomorrow. I wake feeling (literally) drained. Any tips? Pin It


Calamity Tat said...

Sweet Alf.. So what's happening to the old lounge?

Calamity Tat said...

That Lizzy is soooooo yummy :-)

euro-trac said...

Ahhhh look.. they're so beautiful!!
You don't need tips - they're lovely! Saying that, I seem to remember eating doughnuts made me feel better when breastfeeding all the time! Good excuse anyway!! xx

wv Slimey yams

hippo_pepperpot said...

all my girls were different. The oldest breast fed until she was two.... and only really liked some crisps called Funions... looked like onion rings and were flavourd w/ onion. I did the whole organic thing w/ her... soon gave up. She ruined my tits... that is why I bought some more at the booby store..... nope... no tips.... unless you feed her junk food?

five yr olds are great, aren't they? Met used to come up w/ some gems like that too... I miss it.

Clubbing clothes? I miss clubbing but am way too old now.... and now I could afford it if I wanted to... oh well. Was is Glouster road? spelling isn't right... argh... I love that road....w/ all the shops. That is where the creepy weird guy was going... I wanted to but obviously I didn't get that far! Thank goodness I have a new taste for used and hippy I used to have some ace 'clubbing clothes' a while back... gave them all away now. Anyway I am too fat and old to pull that off Oh well.

wv: oakie inlaws