Saturday, September 17, 2005

Silly old tart

I fully intended to blog last night as P and J were both out and I was home alone but after 1.5 glasses of wine I fell asleep on the sofa 10 minutes after they both left!! I am always in demand and get told off if I spend too much time on my computer so it was an ideal opportunity. I woke up an hour later when Alfie stumbled downstairs still half asleep looking for me. I felt like I had drunk several bottles and this morning felt like I had a hangover. God I'm a cheap date these days.

My sister is coming home for three weeks after Christmas. I am soooo excited and I can't wait to see her. I miss her so much that I have to kid myself that she is not really living in the USA but is still in London. She has changed so much since she moved there 2.5 years ago. She is married, has a step daughter, a job and, having passed her driving test, can now drive in her natty new beetle. My baby sister is all grown up!

I am such a crap cake maker. I really wish I wasn't and it isn't for want of trying believe me. As it is now apple season and we are awash with apples (our trees are groaning with the weight of them) I wanted to try something more adventurous than P's favourite apple crumble. I can make that quite successfully any time. I decided on a tarte tatin courtesy of dear old Delia (you can't go wrong with Delia). I was also making fresh pizzas for tea when I remembered to take the tart out of the aga. I was just sliding it onto the plate when the whole thing slid onto the top of the (rather grubby) aga. I screamed for help and P helped me to scrape it as best I could onto the plate. It looked like shit! I was so upset and put it onto the table whereupon J cracked up, she could no longer hold it in and was crying with laughter. She is such a bloody Arien and I know it's exactly what I would have done. I didn't take a photo it was too too sad, but here is a photo of the bad aga. I'm sticking with crumble.

BTW forgot to say that the tarte tatin tasted divine even if it did look yukky. P had at least 3/4 of it after mocking! Pin It

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