Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Love is like a butterfly

Look what beautiful butterflies came in the post. They flew all the way from Brizzol and landed in my pantry, settling on the window and hibernating happily 'til spring. I love them, thank you Hippo, you have a great talent there :-)

It's been a beautiful day. The kind of autumnal day that I love. Warm sun mixed with crisp air and a smell of damp soil. I walked down to Alfie's school tonight as I didn't have to pick up Jazz. It was a lovely walk. Baby was bundled up in her pram cooing happily. I took some photos but my batteries in the camera ran out after 3! The walk was to help kick start my eating healthily again. I have let things slide lately. I was caught by the cake monster ably helped by the biscuit bandit who hijacked me every time I passed the tin! How easy it is to eat 10 biscuits and not notice. Clothes that were loose are now tight again so no more bad behaviour from me.

We had a blustery day the other day and one of our trees fell down right across our driveway. Paul got his tractor out and dragged it out of the way. If we didn't have a tractor we may have been trapped, how exciting!

Paul put up my new glass fronted cabinet that I found in an antique shop. It is in the kitchen and looks gorgeous. I have been looking for one for 2 years. I might paint it the same colour as the dressers but I am going to look at for a few days in situ and see what I think.

I have been making bags and I am really happy with the results so far. Tweed and velvet bags with lovely buttons and handstitching to decorate them. I saw some in Monsoon that I thought were lovely. My friend Amanda said 'you could make those'. I agree but I just don't get time. Well I decided to make time and am letting the housework wait. I am going to make them for Christmas presents. Once I have a finished article I will take a photo.

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hippo_pepperpot said...

I'm glad the flutterbies made it safe to their new home... you are welcome. :o)