Friday, November 25, 2005

Music is my sanctuary

I'm really enjoying the new Babyshambles album (which I have just noticed my daughter has pinched and taken to a friends for the night!). So what are you guys listening to? Pin It


Calamity Tat said...

No he doesn't, very observant Dons! Can't think why I dragged him out of bed, oh I remember to make me a cuppa!

PG said...

Gosh, a bit modern for me..!

I've just bought a double album of Corelli's concertos and some nice French harpsicord music by JS BAch.

I did accidentally tune into a pop station the other day and found myslef toe tapping to the new Gorillaz album chart topping thingy.

Granny P. (ancient at 38).

euro-trac said...

Do you know what?? Thanks to you, I'm going to go and buy the new Babyshambles album now.. you are an inspiration! You can't help but love PD can you? I'll let you know over the next few days what I think of it!!
I tried to see them on Jools Holland the other day, but Texas were on just before them and they bored me to sleep and so I missed them! Nick said BS rocked! (Bloody Texas!) x

Calamity Tat said...

Thanks Dons,
That means a lot to me :-)
I used those we five when i had three but now can't, they're sweet aren't they?
Guys over on the 7th for 2 weeks so post away. I am giving him yours for everyone to post from the UK. I have a prob with Jazz, I might have to e-mail an idea to you later... Oh and Paul what to get him I don't do Boys or men very well!!!
I am currently listening to the sound of silence, it's BLISS!

Max said...

This season I be mostly listening to...Employment by The Kaiser Chiefs.

Did you see Pete Doherty "serenading" Kirsty Wark a couple of months ago? Cool.