Monday, November 07, 2005

Rock chick

I think I may have found Rock School's youngest candidate. She's gotta whole lotta love!

Jazz bought this for Lizzy. Isn't it cute? Pin It


Alicat said...

oh my god that is so cute! My husband is going to completely freak out when I show him this later tonight. :D

Donna said...

She's cool huh? Even got Gene Simmon's tongue, hahaha

Alicat said...

haha :)

Calamity Tat said...

Damn Cute!

euro-trac said...

Absolutely Fabulous!! :-) xx

Léons Life said...

That is so sweet.

But be warned don't let your kids listen to "Rock and Roll" and use a computer.

We have all our old tapes/vinyls downloaded on the computer and Leon knows exactly how all this works !

So one Sunday morning he managed to switch everything on and wake me up with Jim Morrison singing "WAKE UP" at full blast !!
My ears haven't been the same since. This child has obviously got the same sense of humour as his Papa !