Friday, August 25, 2006

Jolly Holidays

I'm off for 7 days to Cornwall. Staying in Port Isaac, a beautiful little fishing village. We will visit Daymer Bay beach, Padstow for Rick Stein's fish and chips and stay in the village to watch Doc Martin being filmed. The forecast is for rain for the 7 days. Please let them be wrong!!!! See you all when I get back x

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Thrifting Delights

A wonderful Car Boot sale this weekend turned up some gems:

A pair of Brentleigh Ware jugs

A Basildon Bond envelope holder from an old shop to use as a letter rack

A vintage glass ashtray for Paul's bar. I love the wording!

A 1950's teacosy. I have some of this rose fabric in blue.

A T G Green polka dot mug

Smart Girl annual from 1964, a very good year!

Plenty of fashion tips for the smart girl. I want that polka dot dress!

A pair of cute 1950's salt and pepper pots in the shape of penguins.

Some unusual vintage rick rack, stripes and gingham.

The loveliest Midwinter teapot. I adore this design and have a few plates to match.

A cute Midwinter eggcup, polka dot of course!

Some great retro fabric featuring Hector's House characters from the 1970's

and a lovely dish for serving nibbles.

A vintage sewing basket

and last, but not least, some polka dot ribbons.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Take a look at my girlfriend

Tats has made it into Country Living magazine, every vintage gal's monthly fix! Here is the photo of her website, Lily and Agathe, mention, page 22. Oooooh I'm so proud of her. Pin It

Saturday, August 12, 2006


I think we must be having the best of the weather here in the UK. It has been cloudy for the past few days but previous to that the weather has continued to be bright, warm and sunny. We've had none of the torrential rain or gales although our lawn could do with a drop, it's looking quite parched.

My friend Amanda came to stay with her youngest son who is great friends with Alf. They haven't seen each other since last November yet you would think it was only yesterday. Alf quickly informed Elliott that Power Rangers are no longer cool and that they were 'babyish' and the next best thing was in fact Star Wars (his latest craze). Once they had that established they quickly launched into playing and they didn't stop until Alfie, hugging Elliott hard, had to say goodbye a few days later. Amanda and I spent time shopping, drinking wine and catching up.

I love having Amanda round, we have been friends for years now, and she helps me realise that Alfie's behaviour is just normal 'boy' behaviour which is hard for those with just girls to understand. Amanda has 3 sons so she is an expert. Poor Alf is sandwiched between his two sisters so his boisterousness sticks out like a sore thumb. In the company of another boy he is in his element. I just need to borrow one permanently, a big brother!
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Goddess swap

I posted a lovely piece about this swap with lots of photos and words and just before I published it the baby decided to turn my computer off at the mains (eeeek), so I lost the lot!!!!! I really haven't got time to do it all over again so here is a potted version instead:

I took part in my first organised swap. The brief was a parcel to pamper the goddess inside a little package with a seasonal theme, girlie stuff. My parcel came packaged beautifully in a Japanese surprise ball. I was to start unravelling the crepe paper ball and in between the layers, little goodies came tumbling out. The parcel smelled gorgeous and I felt truly pampered when I found a bottle of Benefit Jewels, lip and cheek tint, in the middle. A few days later I got a note telling me that there would be other random gifts coming my way throughout the last of the summer along with a pretty handmade crocheted coaster to slip under a wine glass on a summer scented evening. Thank you Mimi, I really enjoyed my parcel.

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Friday, August 11, 2006


I've been bitten by the Crocs! I love them and have hung up my Havaianas for the time being. Do you love 'em or hate 'em?
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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Country House

I have been making enquiries into my website, you remember the one, Country House Antique Textiles, to sell my vintage fabrics. I have been speaking to website designers, other website owners and the people at Business Link to get as much help as possible before taking the plunge. After talking to the website designers I thought it was about time I decided on a 'look'. I contacted an artist that I admire very much and asked her if she would like to paint a picture of my house to use as my logo and corporate image (gosh it's all so grown-up!). Well, she quickly got back to me with a beautiful watercolour of my house to frame and a logo for my website/business cards/ headed notepaper etc. I am absolutely thrilled with it as you can imagine. Just look at the lovely painting below

This is the same picture in logo format.
Isn't she brilliant? Can you guess who she is?
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