Friday, May 25, 2007


I have been tagged several times to do the Seven Meme but I am going to cheat and just post a picture of my little man who was seven yesterday. Here he is with his cake (note cat in background cuddling a Pokemon toy!).

Happy Birthday Alfie.

Here are all three of my lovelies. I can't believe how they are growing. They are now 17, 7 and 2 and I am constantly amazed that they came from me. I think they are my finest work!

The last few days have been crazy for me. Since the Sunday Times published my phone number I have had loads of phone calls from fabric people, mostly wanting to sell ME fabric! Luckily I have also had a few sales. I have had to list lots more fabrics to replace the ones sold. Business is looking good and the feedback I have had from customers has been wonderful. It makes it all worthwhile.

Well it's Bank Holiday Weekend here again so I guess that means more rain. Last weekend was lovely, bright and sunny. We spent the day at the beach with Paul's brother and son, building sandcastles, crab fishing and watching the sunset.

Whatever you do this weekend, rain or shine, have a good one. x Pin It

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday Times

(click on photo to enlarge)

How exciting to open my Sunday Times today and find a piece about my website. It was very unexpected and a real thrill!

'Chic', maybe but I'm not too sure if I am happy to be described as 'cheap' though, hehehe!
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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


When I saw this little embroidered picture in an antiques centre I couldn't resist it. Anyone who knows me knows that this is my way of dealing with things anyway!

I will be listing a few quilts and crocheted blankets on my website this week. Just thought I would give you all a sneak preview. They are so sweet I would like to keep them all!

I have a huge amount of eiderdowns to sell too but I need to launder them first. This I will do when it stops raining. Will it EVER stop raining?!

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Milly Molly Mandy

I am currently reading the books of Milly Molly Mandy to my little boy as his bedtime story. I wasn't sure if he would like them as he is a biff, bang, pow, boysie-boy who is into Pokemon, Star Wars and all things Raaaaaargh! But he loves them. The wonderful stories of MMM, Billy Blunt, Little-friend Susan and Miss Muggin's niece Jilly. I am also enjoying rediscovering them. This copy is from 1946!

I used to trace my finger round this map plotting little journeys for MMM and her friends, lost in their magical innocent world where you could wander down to the village without fear of being taken away.

(click on photo to enlarge)

I think this picture may have been the early inspiration for my shop!

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Back to Life?

You know you are all rather lovely. Thank you so much for the words of support, the lovely emails and for giving me the feeling that there are those of you who really care. I do appreciate your comments. I very rarely reply to them in my own comment box but be assured that I do read each and every one of them and find time to visit your blog or email you back. I didn't mean to sound as though I needed sympathy but rather to show that although my life can look as though it is perfect I too can have the usual bumps in the road that everyone else has. I am not immune but I do believe that what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger and I am feeling strong and happy folks.

This week has been a week of trying to get back to normal (whatever that is?!). I travelled down to see Celia to finish the interview for Period Living, sent off some fabrics to Marie Claire and World of Interiors to be used in their upcoming features. I have been getting to grips with my laundry, adding beautiful fabrics to my website, helping my little boy prepare for his SATS. I have been spending time nibbling my 2 year old's toes and feeling blessed that I have my beautiful children safe and sound by my side unlike this poor poor family. Please let her be found soon, safe and sound.

With thanks to Julie for the button,
that she has designed and shared with us, in my side bar.

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Saturday, May 05, 2007


Thanks for your comments on my last post. I will let you know when the Period Living feature is out. For those of you who wanted to know, my dress was made from vintage fabric and came from Topshop in Oxford Street.

This week has really been a whirlwind week. We started off with Period Living coming out to photograph the house, then, a few days later, I was visited by two people from The Times. The lovely Vinny Lee and charming photographer Paul Raeside, who arrived in his convertible classic Mercedes, much to the delight of my other half. They were a breath of fresh air and very professional.

Then Devon Life sent a photographer round, a sweet, bumbling old chap who was utterly eccentric. We shared funny conversations about space travel, global warming and how he met his wife 6 years ago at a school reunion. He couldn't have been more different!

It has been a fun experience. I learned a lot and loved seeing my home through the eyes of other people. If I wasn't so busy with my website and the children I think I would love to be a stylist. The weather has been perfect, big blue sky and plenty of sunshine. I also had telephone interviews with The English Home, Irish Tatler and Junior Magazine. This press has come to me through my hard-working PR company who I can heartily recommend.

I also attended a Textile Fair in Honiton this week and picked up some delicious textiles including a pair of 1930's French floral curtains, that are just to-die-for, and a pretty paisley quilt. All of these will be appearing on my website soon as I have decided to be very strict with myself and stop collecting. I met up with lovely like-minded women and spent a sunny day shopping and catching up, perfect!

We finished the week with a fish and chip supper on the beach, skimming stones and watching the sun setting.

Along with all the wonderful goings on there has been down side too, nothing I want to go into detail about, some big stuff that has rocked my world and has made me realise that changes are needed in my life. Just in case you thought my life was perfect it's not all hunky dory you know!

Have a happy, sunny, Bank Holiday Weekend wherever you are x Pin It