Friday, February 03, 2012

New Year, New Fabrics!

Brrrrrrr!!  Isn't it cold?!!  We have no snow here in North Devon but plenty of ice and our country lane is treacherously icy!

As a result I have spent a lot of time indoors going through fabrics that I have had for some time now and have put them in my eBay  shop

I have also been stocking the website shelves with beautiful fabrics including these pretty cotton fat quarters. Perfect for quilting, patchwork or small textile projects.

As well as fat quarters I have added dress lengths and  some gorgeous children's fabrics

Included is a whole roll of 1950's shower curtain fabric. Perfect for wash bags, shower caps or  waterproof bag linings.  It's so wonderfully kitsch!

I am looking forward to the next year, to finding lots of new and exciting fabrics for you and to my new project which is to make a craft room for myself.  At the moment all my creative energies go into running my website and not enough time is spent 'making'. I have vowed that this year will see a change in that balance and that I will make more time to be creative, so,  the first step has been made and my worktops have arrived.  Watch this space!! Pin It