Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lovely Gifts

Isn't it wonderful to get unexpected gifts through the post?  It very rarely happens to me so the other day when I got a box from Australia I was intrigued.

Allison of Lark makes beautiful fabric buttons for me to sell on my website. I send her the fabric and she sends the buttons back  all made up ready to be put on cards.  She was sending me some cards as I had already received the buttons so the box was a little big for just button cards.

Inside was a lovely book called Afternoon Tea, beautifully illustrated with vintage tea sets and fabrics.

Another beautiful packet

This one held some reels of the most beautiful Japanese masking tapes. Are they too beautiful to use?

And then there was a sweet goodie bag which I recognised as the goodie bags that Allison was giving out when she opened her fab shop in Daylesford.

I felt very spoilt!  Wasn't I lucky? 

For those of you who haven't yet discovered Allison's blog and her delicious online shop Lark I suggest you hotfoot it over there!
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sip 'n' Stitch

I no longer ripple alone!

Tonight was the first Sip 'n' Stitch knitting and crochet club.

I loved it.

Being creative in creative company.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend at Lyme

This weekend I took Mum and the children to stay with an old friend of ours from our Somerset days.  She used to live in London but last summer moved her family to Lyme Regis for a slower pace of life.  Her house is just beautiful and she is the BEST hostess.  It is a role she really enjoys and you feel very pampered when you stay with her.

Alfie was in boy heaven with her two boys being close to him in age and Lizzy enjoyed the company of Sid the cat and Lottie the labradoodle.

The weather was superb, couldn't have been better, and the children swam in the sea.  This was great for them as the waves are pretty wild on the North Devon coast. At Lyme the sea is calm and Lizzy loved wading out calling 'Look Mum I'm in the sea like a proper girl'!


We had a leisurely lunch at the Harbour Inn before my friend offered to take all the kids back home, leaving Mum and I to wander round the lovely shops.  We popped into the various charity and vintage shops before walking back to the house with our goodies.

A lovely weekend, I felt rested and chilled.

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Thursday, October 08, 2009


Remember this?  The blanket is coming along very nicely. I only get a very limited time in the evenings, once the kiddy winks are safely tucked up and I have no parcels to get ready, so the progress is very slow. I don't mind though as it is my winter project.  I love making blankets because you can sit underneath them as they grow, keeping warm whilst you crochet, very cosy!

Please don't look too close, as I am only a beginner, but I am so enjoying these ripples.

There were ripples of another kind in this household yesterday, ripples of excitement!

Now I know many of you have a copy of this wonderful book.

Flicking through it yesterday  when my copy arrived, (I was supposed to be working), I admired all the sweet projects which look like a lot of fun to make.  When I got to the end I looked at the handy addresses section and there, in print, was my name!  I couldn't believe my eyes. I am mentioned as a stockist in Cath Kidstons book.  I had no idea and I am both flattered and honoured to be there!

I also spotted some fabric they had bought from me, used as a coat for Stanley.  How exciting!

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