Thursday, September 17, 2009

Granny Squares

I have started crocheting again. Now the evenings are getting cooler my thoughts turn to blankets and in particular to ripple blankets.  I have wanted to make a ripple blanket for years but, having never found a pattern that I could make head or tail of, it hasn't happened.  Until Attic 24  came along. Queen of crochet, her instructions are foolproof and speak in a language I, a relative beginner at crochet, can understand. She also has beautiful clear step by step photographs.  So armed with my hook and  a basket full of Rowan cottons I got rippling. 
Despite the foolproof instructions I had to abandon my first attempt, but, as I was suffering with headaches, I thought it best to wait until I felt better.  Last night I started again and although I am at the beginning I can tell already that it is going to work this time.  I am really enjoying rippling and am looking forward to seeing it grow in a lovely blanket.  
I had a go at granny squares but I'm not sure why, I abandoned them after a while.  Maybe it was the name that put me off, I mean who wants to be making granny squares at the tender age of 40 something, hahaha, but having just seen the gorgeous Cate Blanchett in her granny square dress on the red carpet I may have to give them another go!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Sunny Days (more lovely finds)

I am sure that the Indian Summer we are currently experiencing has brought out some great sellers to the local boot sales.  I can go weeks without anything much to show but at the moment the things I am finding are great, the kind of thing I want to keep!  I am all too aware that the bootsale season is coming to a close and I will miss it. I like nothing better on a summer Sunday than to wander around a field, with a view of the sea, rummaging through other people's stuff they no longer want!
This week I found this wonderful wooden box.  It had old bits of ironmongery, boys stuff, and I had to persuade the man on the stall to sell it to me.  He thought I was a bit bonkers for wanting it and I had to find him another box to put his bits before I got to carry it away.

It was a good day for textiles too and I found lots of curtains, fabric and vintage clothing.

These bookends are beautiful, reminiscent of the Clarice Cliff era.

I love this Alfred Meakin pottery with its' kitsch cacti.  I bought lots of this but have pictured just one of each.

This beautiful hand embroidered apron came from the same stall as the bookends.  I love the florals on this.

I bought a whole box of  Practical Householder magazines from the 1950's and 60's.  These can be really good reference for fabrics but I just love looking through them anyway.  I love the photos, just look at the last one, the clothes and hair are fab, pure mod! 
I can see exactly when the rot set in as the magazines from the late 60's show couples putting in aluminium windows and they also show how to clad those 'horrid old fashioned bricks' in lovely stones, wood and pebble dash!

Some lovely vintage toys including some very old flash cards, an old Sindy soap (fab box) and an old doll's dress.

I also found buttons, peacock feathers, more pottery, painted glass, vintage boxes and two cute, kitsch budgies!

So, all this buying has me sorting, washing, pricing, getting ready for my Open House.
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sunny days

Just as I had got into Autumnal mode (knitwear, tights, boots) along came the sun!  This happens every year, September becomes a lovely, sunny,  month, just as the kids go back to school.

My eldest daughter wanted us to spend some time together, as  she was working all summer and I was busy with the little ones, so a day out to Exeter was planned. It was one of the sunniest days we have had in ages. We had lunch at Michael Caines'  restaurant sat outside overlooking the cathedral, did a spot of shopping and had our hair done a Toni and Guy's.

While we were walking around we were 'spotted' by a style hunter working for the fashion pages of the Exeter Express and Echo. We were photographed and asked about our outfits.  I am not at all surprised that my gorgeous daughter was asked but it makes me giggle to think that at 45 I can be a style influence on anyone!  I haven't seen the paper, which came out today, as we don't live in Exeter but I will have to try and get a copy sent. If the photo is any good I will share it with you!

When I am in Exeter, one of my favourite haunts is Otto Retro.  This is a lovely antique shop that sells an eclectic mix of quirky and wonderful vintage finds. Sarah, who runs the shop, really has a good eye and the prices are very reasonable.   I always come away laden with goodies.  If you are ever in Exeter I would recommend a visit.
(click photo to enlarge)

I am frantically getting ready for my Open House which is coming up very soon.  I have so much stock that the task is quite overwhelming at times but I am sure it will all be ready in time.
When rushing around, trying not to get stressed out, I am listening to the dulcet tones of Jonathan Jeremiah.   His voice is enough to soothe the most frazzled of souls.  Here is one of his offerings, sorry about the video, just listen to the voice, beautiful, and he is also rather easy on the eye!

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Friday, September 04, 2009

Vintage Finds

There was a flea market that I wanted to go to this weekend but having no childcare I had to stay local for my vintage foraging.  Just as well really as I found some wonderful bits.

One of my favourite finds was an old leather suitcase, complete with travel stickers, containing 2 old handmade cushions. The fabric is a wonderful 1950's design by Marion Mahler.  More surprisingly this item was found in the crusher at the recycling centre and was saved for me by a lovely friend who works there. He knows that I like old fabric and was sure this was something that would be of interest to me, he was right.  Can you imagine such treasure being crushed?!  It makes me wonder how many beautiful old textiles get shredded or crushed, in fact I can't bear to think of it! 

I bought the old embroidered cushions from a couple who were clearing out their uncle's house and on speaking further to them they invited me to go round and look at some more textiles they had.  I ended up buying several old leather suitcases, one tiny one, suitable for a teddy, a wonderful array of old union jacks and some cotton reels. 

I seem to be attracting a lot of old toys and books as well, just right for the vintage fairs that are coming up.   I adore the old building blocks.   I bought another old doll's pram, bigger than the last two, which I have hidden away in the garage, so no photo, sorry. I also found some lovely Enid Blyton books and some old Ladybird books with wonderful pictures of scottie dog loveliness!  One of the books, Bom The little toy drummer, is one I've never seen before. Does anyone know this one?

Some of the things I bought are to keep (for now at least) including the old Arthur Woods pot and the green swallows.  That's the beauty of what I do, until I  sell the items I am the guardian of them and enjoy them for as long as I want.

(click to enlarge)
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