Friday, July 29, 2005

Bloody Blogging!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The cavalry have arrived

The cavalry have arrived in the shape of Amanda, son Elliot and Bunty the extremely cute and naughty golden retriever puppy. Alf is happy, power rangering all over the furniture and I am happily supping wine and chatting with my good friend. I've already told her she can leave Elliott here when she goes. Alf needs a big brother. Anyone got a spare? Pin It

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Not waving but drowning

Oh I'm so fed up. It's only Tuesday, the 3rd day of the holidays, and I am not coping. I used to look forward to the holidays but it is so hard to keep 3 children of such different ages amused. Eldest daughter (15) wants to go shopping, cinema and spend time on her own with me. Alfie's (5) behaviour is just 'off the radar' naughty. He doesn't listen, he runs off and generally acts like a child with severe learning difficulties (he doesn't have them). He is a prize twit at all times. He and his big sister do not get along. He winds her up, she yells at him non-stop and I am stuck in the middle trying to keep them both happy. Paul is no help, he works all day, most evenings and all week end. It is like I am a single parent but worse because no one knows that I need help, they assume that as I have Paul I am ok and there's not a reserve husband in sight!!! He also has his own demands on me and when he phoned earlier today, to find me on the verge of tears telling him I couldn't cope, all he could go on about is how much money I spend and why can't I do things with the kids that don't cost money. "Like what?", I asked him. "Go to the beach", he replied. It is soooo hard to take 3 kids (one a baby) to the beach on my own. I'm not much good at doing free things nor are my kids (nor is Paul actually) so that just leaves staying at home I guess. I hate going to parks, they bore me. After that phone call I cried all the way home, much to the bemusement of my children (thank god for my Chloe shades!) I'm depressed, totally pissed off. I feel like a shit mother and a complete failure. Any tips gratefully received, I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!

On the positive side I have just made £240.00 for some fabric squares that cost me £3.00 in a charity shop. That's the holiday fund sorted out then :-) Pin It

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Beddy byes

It's official. I'm back in the marital bed. I sought refuge in the room at the other end of the house whilst in the late stages of pregnancy. It had to happen sooner or later but it was so nice having a room to myself and I got plenty of sleep. I did try a comeback before but Paul woke me wandering around the bedroom looking for the toilet, then, while I lay there, now wide awake, he went straight back to sleep and snored for Britain. When I poked and prodded him he stopped. Then came blowing. BLOWING!!!!!!!! What's all that about?!!! So that was it, I picked up the baby and went back to my lovely quiet room. But now I am back and it wasn't too bad. The baby slept like a dream in her little cot next to our bed and seemed contented with the move, mind you nothing much ruffles her little feathers. She came into the bed this morning for a feed (I had to wake her). Alfie stroked the top of my full breast and said 'Mummy this bit of you is like Jasmine. It's smooth. The rest of you is all crumply'. You could go off people.

By the way girls, when you have finished feasting on the delectable Deppster can I have a morsel? Oh go on, just a lick? :-) Pin It

Friday, July 22, 2005

Last day of freedom

My girls

Pickle in a basket

Paul and the Littlies (Alf being a twit)

Yesterday was Alfie's last day at school. I thought I had better clean up the house but then realised, hang on, this is my last day of freedom, get out of the bloody house! So went out for some retail therapy and a coffee. Alfie's school had a church service in the afternoon but I couldn't bear the thought of sitting in a church for an hour on my last day of freedom so I made up an excuse as to why I couldn't go. Then I wandered around Barnstaple thinking what a terrible mother I was for not going, imagining I was the only mother not there. Then I bumped into one of the mums from school. She has twin girls in Alf's class and an older girl. She told me that she has yet to go to one of the church services so I felt better instantly.

We have been up for about 10 minutes now and I have just seen that Alf has already created mess in 3 rooms. It's going to be a long 6 weeks!!!!!!!!!!! Pin It

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Smelly Cake Day

Today I decided to try and get to grips with the housework seeing as the kids are going to be around for 6 weeks messing up the place. My day just seem to whizz by and all I seem to have done is put away some clothes, hoover, tidy Alf's playroom and try to make a cake for Alfie's school cake day tomorrow. The house still looks like a shit pit! The cake making was an unmittigated disaster. I have never been brilliant at cake making, I try not to bake too much or else I will just eat it all and be the size of a house, but when I was at school my greatest success in Home Economics was my swedish tea ring. It was legendary in my house, as I recreated it many times, so I thought it would be a foolproof recipe. I made the dough in the breadmaker but it was ready just as I had to go and pick up Alf from school. When we got back Alfie helped me to roll it out and spread the fruit mixture before rolling it up. We popped it into the Aga and that's where it all went horribly wrong. I just haven't got to grips with Aga bakery so the top cooked to a crisp while the centre was still moist. Alfie had so wanted to put the icing sugar on and I couldn't let him down so I got him to ice it. After tea he had a slice, well, he picked off the icing sugar and threw away the cake! It was quite disgusting. So what did I do? I ate loads of it. It was horrible but I still ate loads, WHY??!!!!!!!! I was so fed up with myself, I have been sooooo good. I can only think that it might have something to do with me coming on my period today (the first since I gave birth). I cannot be responsible for anything I say or do at that time of the month so I will forgive myself and get back on track.

I had harvested some lavender from my garden last week and it was dry enough today for me to crumble up and pack ready for my lavender bags at Christmas. The smell was so intense, it's one of my favourite smells. Together with the smell of the cake baking the kitchen smelt delicious. However a smell that I had been noticing all week in the pans cupboard turned out to be a decaying mouse. Ahhhhhh the joys of living in the countryside.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

So are we all on Blogger now then? Can I abandon my Diaryland now that I have just paid up as a gold member?

Tuesday is Weight Watchers day so I set off for Barnstaple to get weighed. There was an accident on the link road so a 20 minute journey took me 1.5 hours. I was so worried that I might miss being weighed as this is the last week I can guarantee being there, next week is school hols! I got there just as they were packing away. Only 1/2lb lost this week, poo! Still a loss is a loss I guess but I had hoped to be 1/2 a stone lighter by the time I go to Port Isaac at the end of August. I must be stricter with myself but I have found a deep love for wine I never knew I had and love a glass (or 2) at the end of a stressful day. Maybe that's why my baby is so calm and placid, she's pissed!

Monsoon have their sale so I bought some gorgeous little things for Lizzy. It's such fun having a dolly to dress. Jasmine was with me so I ended up buying more than I would have. Alfie has been invited to 4 birthday parties in the next few weeks, all girls, so we got some lovely girlie stuff for pressies. I was quite restrained in buying for myself and just got a pretty blue silk camisole. Not sure how practical it will be for breastfeeding but who knows I might get to go out one day :-/

I came home to find a couple of parcels from ebay. All fabric of course. One was simply delicious, vintage linen-like floral fabric that is just to die for but the other two, Cath Kidston, cabbage stock, half price, fabric was frankly disappointing. The red polka dot was the wrong colour and the dots a different size. The other fabric (said to be a new Cath Kidston) was not the quality I expect from Cath. So I have emailed the seller and told her I want a refund. I know my Cath, I've bought enough of it, and it's just simply not good enough!!! Hehehehehe, I know, I know, if that's all I've got to be stressed about, my life aint that bad. Talking of Cath, ebay have 'pulled' one of my listings for mentioning that the fabric is 'like Cath Kidston'. This is forbidden apparently in case I mislead the bidder. I would like to know who might be mislead by a listing that clearly states it is vintage Sanderson but similar to Cath Kidston! Ah well, I guess she needs the money.

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday Monday

Sorry it's been so long, heaven knows where the hours go!!!!!

The kids and I had a stall at the bootsale on Sunday. A very hot day it was too. We all made some money and got rid of a load of stuff. I sold all my clothes from just after giving birth that are now too big for me. They were only Primark cheap and cheerfuls but they literally flew off the clothes rail. Jasmine made a lot of money and is itching to spend it on some new clothes. She's an expensive model to run that girl and only likes the surfer labels. I bought 3 baskets that are slanted for displaying, useful for when I sell my fabrics at craft fairs.

I got the programme through from Cowslip workshops today, my spiritual sewing retreat! I don't think I can go just yet, even though Lizzy is an easy baby I can imagine her deciding to have a feeding day on the day I book to sew. Ah well something to look forward to I guess. I'm just raring to go on some new sewing projects. I want to make new curtains throughout the house from silks and taffetas. I don't want florals everywhere, maybe just on the cushion covers and quilts, things that are easy to change. I am going to paint Lizzy's old room next, which will become the spare room. I feel very creative but I am frustrated with the lack of time I get.

My friend Amanda is coming to stay next week with her youngest son, Elliott, and the new addition to the family, Bunty, the chewy pup! Alf will be thrilled. I can't wait to see her, share a bottle of wine and catch up. I haven't seen her since Easter, she will be amazed at the change in Lizzy as she was only days old.

Our sparrow friend gets tamer every day. At lunchtime while Paul and I were having our soup (Pea and lettuce if you please), she flew in through the kitchen window and picked out bits from the bowl of scraps I had put there for the chickens. Here she is:

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