Saturday, April 28, 2007


What do you think this photographer is doing peering over our hedge with her camera?

She's photographing the house for Period Living magazine. Niki, the photographer, came, to capture images of the house, with the wonderful Celia Rufey, a fellow fabricaholic and journalist, who talked to me about the house and my business.

Here I am with the lovely Celia looking at her gorgeous fabrics that she has printed onto linen. See her website here.

We had loads to talk about and as she only lives a mere 45 minutes away from me I think we will be seeing more of each other, in fact I will be meeting up with her on Tuesday when I visit a textile fair in Honiton.

It was such a fun day but I'm far too tired to talk about it now. I'm off to bed, all this press malarkey is exhausting!
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Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt

Well I warned you in the last post that there would be Easter Egg hunt pictures and so here they are. This is a picture heavy post!

Every year we do an Easter hunt with the children with clues taking them round the house and garden finding little eggs and clues on the way until they find their baskets of booty at the end. They start off with pictorial clues when they are very little but progress onto written clues as they get older. Alfie just loves this. He was very quick to work out the clues and amazingly still believes that Easter Bunny put them all out for him, marvelling at how Easter Bunny could have put clues in his playroom while he was just nearby on the computer! Ah don't you just love a child's imagination? I remember my mum and gran doing the Easter Hunt for me in my gran and grandad's flat where they lived above their shop. The place was tiny in comparison to where my children live but the magic was still there, the hunt still very exciting. Children find magic in the tiniest things. Lizzy followed along behind with her tiny basket, scoffing mini eggs as she went. She was delighted with the whole thing. Jasmine feigned an aloofness but was secretly quite interested, especially when her basket was found with the others.

Alfie reads the clue

Hmmm what can it be?

Lizzy looks in her basket

Alfie asks the chckens if they have seen any eggs

He spots the clue (can you?)

Lizzy helps

Down by the gate

Lizzy helps (but is busy eating her eggs!)

GOW helps

Come on Lizzy

Alfie finds the baskets in the garage

They enjoy discovering their booty

Alfie is delighted to find a Little Cotton Rabbit

Little Miss Easter Bunny

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hope it was as sunny and enjoyable for you all as it was for us. Here are our Easter decorations this year

The Easter Tree

Gorgeous egg cosies from Max

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Fabric Room

The Fabric Room
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On Sunday night I was very sick. I haven't been that ill in years. Monday I spent most of the day in bed, sleeping, recovering. I NEVER go to bed. I HATE going to bed because I always think I am missing something, but this time I had no choice. I was proper poorly!

On Tuesday I hobbled out of bed to clean up my fabric room as I needed to take some high-res photos for publicity. It was no mean feat believe me. This room was filled with bags and bags of fabrics that I had bought and just popped into the room thinking that one day I would put them away. The problem with that was there was simply nowhere else to store them. All drawers, shelves and cupboards were full to bursting. So after lots of effort I removed all the bags to be stored elsewhere so that now I have an organised, useable and (I think) beautiful room to work in. My Sylko dispenser is now right at home on the counter. So here, for your eyes only, is the fruits of my labour. Come on into my shop, pull up a chair, let me get you a tea and enjoy rummaging around the shelves. (click on the photos for close-ups) Pin It

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Lizzy's 2nd Birthday

Lizzy had her 2nd Birthday this week. She had such a busy day with presents, bubbles, sand, balloons, cake and all her favourite people round for tea. Happy Birthday my little pickle x
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